A reef in the middle of the Karystos Gulf.

In the center of the gulf and about 1 km south from a small island that is just leaving the land. The head of the reef begins at a depth of 16m and ends at a depth of about 25m.

The Reef is flat like a platform. Divers with training of Open Water Divers and up can dive in this dive site.

A very characteristic element is the presence of two major anchors of 2-2.5m and a very thick chain that stretches from the one end of the reef to the other.

Almost permanent residents of the reef are goldblotch groupers, brown meagres and white seabreams.

Schools of common two-banded seabreams and saddled seabreams sparkle around the reef. It is easily accessible by boat and relatively protected from strong northern winds. Sometimes currents are generated which must be taken into consideration in planning the dive.

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