A reef at the eastern end of the Karystos Gulf.

On the south side of the Mantili Island, "Galini" is one of the most beautiful dive sites in our region. The head of the reef, which looks azure from afar, hence its name, starts from a depth of 3m and reaches a depth of about 35m. The abstention of the reef deepens even further and has pyramidal shape.

Dives with training of Scuba Divers and up can dive in this dive site. It is easy even for participants in the Discover Scuba Diving program, when the weather is nice and without currents, to visit.

Its feature is a chimney-like cave in the inside of the reef. South of the reef, at the base of some detached rocks, goldfish of saltwater live almost permanently, at a depth of about 32m. The chimney entrance is west to 28m, while the exit is at about 18m. In the inside of the chimney-ish cave you will see colorful sponges, little corals and galleries inhabited by sargos and dusky groupers. The head of the reef is permanently inhabited by schools of blue damsel fish and little fish that are trying to guard against raids from larger predators. Due to the strategic position of the reef, there it begins the waterway between Euboea and Andros Island and often appear large pelagic fish.

It is accessible by boat in about 15-20 minutes and relatively protected from strong north winds. Very often currents are generated, that must be taken into account in planning the dive.


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