Reef in the middle of Karystos Gulf.

About 0.5 nautical miles from the nearest beach at the west end of the bay.

The head of the reef starts at a depth of 5m and reaches a depth of about 35m. The Mpouros Reef has a pyramidal shape. This enables visiting from all levels of divers. The depth changes smoothly. Many times, because of the location of the reef, shoals of pelagic fish visit it, offering unique spectacle to the divers.

Reef's head is permanently inhabited by shoals of blue damsel fish and little fish that try to guard against larger predators' raids. Colorful sponges adorn the rocky skeleton of the reef and a network of many small galleries are the home to dusky groupers, goldblotch groupers and Mediterranean moray eels.

The reef is easily accessible by boat and relatively protected from strong northern winds. Sometimes currents are generated which must be taken into consideration in planning the dive. It is offered for a night diving with a boat, too.

Night dive:

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